Calli O’Brien Director of Sales and Marketing for DōMatcha along with Michael Harney VP of Harney and Sons Tea both spoke at ‘Tea Across Time’ held at the Ripley Centre at the Smithsonian Institute in DC this past Wednesday night. Louise Allison Cort, Curator of Ceramics for the Freer Sackler Galleries was also one of the presenters.

They spoke to a sold out crowd about the history, culture and future of teas, matcha and related ceramics such as the famous Chigusa tea storage jar from the 13th Century which is on exhibit at the Sackler Gallery until July 27th.

A tasting of teas and matcha was provided afterwards to a very excited crowd. Organizer Elizabeth Wilkie said it was a ‘great success’, Calli O’Brien was impressed with the knowledgeable audience and the number of regular matcha drinkers. Find out more about educational events at the Smithsonian at

DōMatcha Japanese Tea Proudly Supports the Smithsonian’s Salute to a ‘Famous Tea Jar

DōMatcha is pleased to announce their support of the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler Galleries as they feature the “life” of a famous Japanese tea jar, “Chigusa.”
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DoMatcha Genmai Cha tops North American Tea Championships

DōMatcha™ makes the world's best tasting Genmai Cha and North American tea connoisseurs agree, awarding our Genmai Cha 1st Place at the 2013 North American Tea Championships.

Unlike other genmai cha which is made from bancha leaves and roasted rice, we use tencha leaves and matcha with roasted rice, creating an extremely smooth tasting green tea with a delightful nutty flavor.

Tetra shaped tea bags made from organic cornstarch are used for a premium quality brew. Each teabag makes 2-3 cups of hot or iced tea (20 teabags per container).

DoMatcha Win Big Photo Contest

photocontest.jpgStarting June 6th here's the deal ...

From the photos submitted since our last contest, 17 have been chosen as finalists for our DōMatcha 'Win Big' Photo Contest.

Photos were selected based on quality, fun, and showcasing the lifestyle of a DōMatcha customer.

If your photo is among the finalists we will let you know.

Anyone can vote for their fave photo on Facebook at or email us at with the number of your favorite photo.

Two Ways to Win

1) Your photo is a finalist and gets the most votes
Our "Win Big" photo winner receives a year's supply of DōMatcha (12 tins).

2) You have voted for a photo and your name is drawn
Our "Win Big" voter whose name is drawn receives $150 worth of DōMatcha products.

How to Vote

Visit our Facebook page and simply post a comment saying, "I vote for number XX (all photos are numbered)," or "this one gets my vote."

You can also email us your vote [include the number of your fave photo] to One vote per person.

Note: On Facebook you can 'Like' any number of photos, but you can only vote ONCE.

Tell Your Friends

If your photo has been chosen as one of our finalists, we will contact you. Be sure to tell your friends and family so they can cast a vote! The photo with the highest number of 'unique' votes wins.

Voting runs June 6 - 30, 2013

DōMatcha staff, associates and sponsors can vote but are not eligible to win or enter a photo.


The DōMatcha Tea-M
















Paulina Werthen- MeriSnowMountains-Yunnan Province,China -2.jpg


Matcha: The Way of Tea

We are excited to unveil our new video, "Matcha: The Way of Tea." A travel styled mini-documentary that uncovers the history, production and future of matcha tea. This spectacular journey takes you from amazing organic mountain tea fields, stunning forestscapes, and the natural spring wells of Kagoshima, Japan to the bustling tea-shop filled streets of ancient Uji City, Kyoto. Enjoy!

DōMatcha™ in Japan

calli-in-japan.jpgThe DōMatcha™ Tea-m headed to Japan in May, bringing along a small video crew from Los Angeles, California. We arrived during spring matcha production to capture the process for a short video. We learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes. Many thanks to our Tea Master, Mr. Kazunori Handa, who coordinated our visit; and to our video director, Katherine Bowers, a professional to the end. Look foward to a fun and informative video this fall. See our Japan trip photo album on our Facebook page, as well as a short video on picking tea.

Put Yourself on the Map!

Whether you're traveling or close to home, share a fun day with DōMatcha™! Explore your creative spirit by including DōMatcha™ in a photograph whatever you're doing. Then send your best photos to (be sure to include your location and contact info). We'll feature the best pics on our new DōMatcha™ World map and send you a FREE tin of DōMatcha™! You'll be featured on the World Map website, in our monthly newsletter and on Facebook. So share your DōMatcha™ day with the world - and put yourself on the map!

DōMatcha™ Profits Benefit Youth

Many of you followed DōMatcha's™ Final Four Athletes over the past year as they explored the benefits of matcha tea on their training and competitions. As part of the Grand Matcha Experiment, a portion of the profits from our DōMatcha™ T-shirts goes to support youth athletic groups selected by the Final Four. In 2011 DōMatcha's™ Marketing Director, Calli O'Brien, was in Toronto to present one of our Final Four members, Geoffrey Peat, with a $300 check in support of his Newmarket Huskies Track Club youth x-country running group in Newmarket, Ontario. Geoffrey says he'll likely use the funds to purchase winter running hats so his club can continue running in comfort through their chilly winters.

Support Youth Athletic Groups - Buy a DōMatcha™ T-Shirt

DōMatcha™ Wins Tea Championship!

teachamp.jpgWe always knew it was a winner, but now it's official. At the annual North American Tea Championship held during the World Tea Expo this spring, DōMatcha's™ Genmai Cha placed 1st overall in the Blended Green Tea category. Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha placed 2nd in the Matcha category. We've had rave reviews about how smooth and sweet smelling it is, and now even the experts agree! The Tea Championship is judged by professional tea tasters with a demonstrated ability to identify high quality teas. We must say, they have great taste!


Special Report (June 15, 2011)

specialreport2.jpgFor those who missed the June newsletter - here's the latest: While DōMatcha™ teas are grown in Kyoto and Kagoshima, far from the location of the Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis, we are taking many precautions to monitor our tea quality. The Kyoto Tea Association recently tested tea plants in the region and published a report indicating no radiation detected in the plants. To make doubly sure, our producers in both Kyoto and Kagoshima are testing the soil, water, and tea plants to ensure no signs of radiation. In the unlikely event any radiation is detected, rest assured we will not use the affected plants. Matcha drinkers come to us for pure, healthy teas, and DōMatcha™ will deliver! Our current supply, and for months yet to come, is derived from 2010 harvests. Stay tuned for future updates on Facebook and in our monthly e-newsletter.

DōMatcha Captured in California

"Across the Blue Sea" video producer Katherine Bowers recently explored the world of matcha with the DōMatcha team at "Mothers Market" in Costa Mesa, California. Join Katherine and DōMatcha sales director Calli O'Brien for a look at the time-tested goodness of matcha tea.

Dr. Oz's Morning Weight-Loss Sundae

sundae.pngEven Dr. Oz is joining the matcha revolution. Check out his Matcha Morning Weight-Loss Sundae recipe on our recipe page.

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