Special Report (June 15, 2011)

specialreport2.jpgFor those who missed the June newsletter - here's the latest: While DōMatcha™ teas are grown in Kyoto and Kagoshima, far from the location of the Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis, we are taking many precautions to monitor our tea quality. The Kyoto Tea Association recently tested tea plants in the region and published a report indicating no radiation detected in the plants. To make doubly sure, our producers in both Kyoto and Kagoshima are testing the soil, water, and tea plants to ensure no signs of radiation. In the unlikely event any radiation is detected, rest assured we will not use the affected plants. Matcha drinkers come to us for pure, healthy teas, and DōMatcha™ will deliver! Our current supply, and for months yet to come, is derived from 2010 harvests. Stay tuned for future updates on Facebook and in our monthly e-newsletter.